Dave the Dragonfly - A Christian Children's Book

Ginger Scarborough is a former teacher with 25 years of elementary education experience.   Her passion is telling stories and teaching young children about the truths that can be found in the Bible.  Dave the Dragonfly  is Ginger's first children's book, but it won't be her last!  Dave and his best friend, Thomas the Turtle, have many more adventures just waiting to begin.

The majority of the proceeds from the sale of books and t-shirts will go to fund Christian ministries on a local and international scale.  We want these funds to make an eternal difference in the lives of children and adults.  You can be a part of this by sharing our website with friends and encouraging them (and your church!) to purchase Dave the Dragonfly books.

If you want to purchase books in bulk, please send us an email on the "Contact" page to find out more.

About the author: Ginger Scarborough